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We are professional  and reliable supplier of surface treatment services in the range of anti-corrosive protection and visual aspect of metal and plastic parts. 

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About our company

In our plant in Bielsko-Biała,on the production surface 30.000m2, we possess 9 modern painting lines of high performance and coats' parameters.  
Thanks to wide scope of processes, we are able to supply our Customers with full range of protective and decorative coats, including combinated (Duplex) and multilayer painting as well. We apply our coats on the parts made of: steel, forged steel,casted  iron, aluminium and light alloys or combined of few materials. We also offer stripping of all the type of coats from parts or racks with modern and safe thermal method in fluidization furnace. 


  • cataphoretic painting (3 lines)
  • powder painting electrostatic and tribo (2 lines)
  • wet painting with solvent and waterborn paints (1 line)
  • zinc plating (zinc, zinc-nickel) with thin- / thick-layer passivation and sealer            (2 lines)
  • surface preparation (1 line) 
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We know your needs

Thanks to many years of experience in the automotive industry we are familiar with all the technical requirements concerning the surface treatment of parts for automotive branch. Our Customers are car manufacturers and their reputable Suppliers. We treat the parts designed for all the car brands manufactured in Europe . 

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Distance is not a problem

We cooperate with reputable logistics companies.

Your details may be collected by us and delivered after tratment the to indicated place, within stated time. We work with reputable logistics and transport companies.

Parts are professionally packaged and labeled according to Customer's requirements, including barcodes. We are able to stock Customer's details in our warehouse, which is monitored and equipped with electronic access control system.

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